Note: The system is suitable for the process servers in any state, though New York state has pioneered the regulation of digital records. The DCA of New York City has proposed a new regulation regarding the licensing Process Server. The other city/state may follows. MetoComp Tech, LLC. has developed a system to adapt the new regulation, which consists of job logging, job download, job upload, and reporting. Don't be the only one being tracked down by DCA!

The MetoTrack System is:

  • The exclusively designed system to adapt with New York City DCA digital record keeping regulations regarding the Process Servers.
  • The exclusive System designed specifically for the Independent Process Server
  • With a single account, the Process Server can manage all the jobs from different agency, with their Android phone and our managed web services.
  • The Process Server can choose any type of Android phone with data and GPS capability, to download jobs from our server, and upload the processed information and image for each job to our third party data server.
  • Process Server can use the same account to log in our managed web server to retrieve the job detail, processed information, images, and GPS data.
  • Agency’s that sign up will get an agency account for FREE!

Process Server:

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